Thursday, 2 April 2015

PCI complete

Well we had our PCI at the beginning of the week.  It was nice to finally meet our SS Craig. He was lovely and made me think that the build would have been a lot more stress free if we had met earlier on in the process.

I do find it very strange that we had our PCI with so much work left to do but Craig assures me this is very normal.  We didn't pick up any major issues on our inspection (well our very laid back SS didn't think anything we picked up was major lol) just the normal painting touch-ups and scratched windows so it is all systems go to complete now.  Normally handover would be in 2 weeks however Craig is away that week so handover has been pushed back to Wed April 22. It is wonderful to finally have a date. Luckily we are able to push back the date we have to be out of our current house by a few days so it has worked out well.

What happens next is a bit confusing. Craig made it all sound so simple - meet him onsite on handover day for a final inspection then off the Head office for handover. He advised to contact head office for a time and when I did that they sent me an email to advise when PCI is? This was followed by a very confusing email about Occupational Certificates and Interim certificates. I think I will need to call the office for clarification after the long weekend.

Next week the touch ups should happen along with the Driveway and the long awaited rendering should be finished. The end is in sight!!!!


  1. Hello,
    Very useful blog and beautiful house.
    We are considering the Newport as well and looking forward to your finished pictures.

    1. Thanks GB. We are very happy with the Newport layout - for us it was everything we were looking for.
      I can't wait to take pictures of the front façade when it is finished and not hiding behind scaffolding